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We are the authentic Nepalese & indian restaurant in town, using only the freshest of ingredients, offering an imaginative, varied menu of genuine Nepalese and Indian cuisine.

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Tel: 966 49 08 30/ 602 861400

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Namaste & Welcome

Welcome to the Royal Buddha Tandoori Moraira. The Authentic Nepalese and indian Restaurant in Costablanca.


The Royal Buddha Tandoori is a combination of subtle tastes in flavors and spices such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, chillies, peppers, cumin, coriander, fenugreek and fresh herbs. We have made every effort to select and combine the very finest ingredients so that our customer can enjoy a delicious, high quality meal every time.Good taste, quality food, less oil, natural, fresh and vibrant ingredients and a high standard of service is our aim and to satisfy our valued customers from each and every angle.


About Royal Buddha Tandoori

Located in the heart of Costablanca, Royal Budhha offers authentic Nepali, Indian cuisine. We pride ourself on providing quality food and service. Here at Royal Buddha we try to preserve this uniqueness and simplicity by combining different traditions and culture from all corners of the provide finely cooked food.

Surrounding our restaurant, the atmosphere within our restaurant is also relaxed and friendly, as we think of our customers as regular guests and loyal friends. The soft, relaxing, Nepalese themed music played throughout your stay, also helps you enjoy the relaxed and stress free atmosphere that you would enjoy and indulge in if you were in Nepal, increasing the authenticity of your stay and your meal.

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contact information

Moraira, 10B, 03724 CaserĂ­o Rada De Moraira, Valencia, Spain
Tel: 966 49 08 30

Monday 18:00pm - 23:30pm
Tuesday - Sunday 12:00pm - 15.30pm
18:00pm - 23:30pm